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A Flea Problem Turned Into a Meditation Pathway

A FLEA PROBLEM TURNED INTO A MEDITATION PATHWAY *** This post was originally published by Ky Burt on his blog at Life of the Muse. THE START In the spring of 2016, Diane Freaney asked me to help her solve a problem. Her beloved dog, Daphne, was contracting fleas from the wood chips that had […]

Trump Will Be A Great President!

Reasons To Believe that Trump Will Be A Great President! President Trump ranted on about “Fake News” and we all thought he was crazy. Until we all got bombarded with “Fake News” and suddenly he wasn’t crazy. Journalism is in a strange place – the best journalism ever shares the spotlight with the worst, the […]

Zombie Alert: Accountants (BTW I R One)

What is a Zombie Alert? I have been avoiding answering Felecia Hatcher‘s question on Twitter – What is a ZOMBIE ALERT? I found a ZOMBIE ALERT on Facebook, thought it was funny and Tweeted Felecia. Lake Worth (Florida) Utilities sent out a ZOMBIE ALERT at 2:00 AM on May 21st – “Power outage and zombie alert […]

The Cats of Mirikitani and The Cat Who Chose To Dream

 The Cat Who Chose To Dream and The Cats of Mirikitani The Internet has exploded with new teaching and learning models, which are challenging traditional education models.  I discovered Kids BuzzBooks while researching The Cat Who Chose To Dream. Kids BuzzBooks has children review books. Loriene Honda, Author, met Reviewer Christina, who gave The Cat Who Chose […]

Oregon Investment Council – March 14, 2018

Oregon Investment Council – Wednesday March 14, 2018 Another boring meeting of the Oregon Investment Council. The PUBLIC BOOK  (255 pages) was available online on Tuesday afternoon.  Why is there a PRIVATE BOOK if the law in Oregon is TRANSPARENCY? But I digress. Minutes of the January 18, 2018 Oregon Investment Council Meeting I made […]

PUGS: A New Model For Higher Education

PUGS (Portland Underground Graduate School): A New Model For Higher Education I LOVE PUGS (Portland Underground Graduate School). You MUST watch this video in order to understand Douglas Tsoi and his vision if you want to understand the business model for PUGS. Douglas was shy and in the background, a shaky founder in PUGS infancy. […]

Credit Karma: A New Breed of Credit Rating Agency

How Credit Karma CEO Kenneth Lin Built A Billion Dollar Brand “Lin founded the company in 2007, with the goal of creating a customer-friendly alternative to trickster credit score services. He has since raised $386 million, vaulting Credit Karma into the ranks of Silicon Valley’s startup unicorns, and figured out how to turn a profit […]

Finnish Education Empowers Teachers & Students

Finnish Education Empowers Teachers and Students Where did I learn about Finnish Education? Two Finnish Students wrote to the Director of For the Children (FTC) in Lake Worth, Florida and asked to be considered for an Internship. These two young women, majoring in social work, were in their final year of college. They wanted to […]