Dan Bricklin - The founder of VISACALC

Dan Bricklin, the founder of VISACALC, the creator of the…
Diane Freaney - Dad

Honoring My Father Part 1: How I Learned Business

Reyna Badillo, Space Planner/Interior Designer for the Emerson…
Funding solar for low income families

Funding Solar for Low Income Housing

Over the last few months, I've been working in a capacity of…

Meet Warmifonias - The Women Empowerment Bike Tour Through Latin America

Meet Warmifonías Warmifonías ("Women's Voices" in a mixture…

Community Impact Leader - An Interview with Jimmy Jia

This is the third post in our new series called Community Impact…

Why Benefit Corporations Matter

What is a Benefit Corporation? Simply put, a Benefit Corporation…
Community Impact Leader: nicholas papaefthimiou

Community Impact Leader: An Interview with Nicholas Papaefthimiou

This is the second post in our new series called Community…

Making the Case for Solar on your Home

  Why I Opted for Solar on my Roof I've known for…
Solar Array on Emerson Street House. Installed by A&R Array.

Community Impact Leader: An Interview with A&R Solar

I am introducing a series on the blog called Community Impact…
Success Story: Storables - Closets for Emerson Street House & ADU | DianeFreaney.com

Success Stories: Storables

I stood, mouth agape and eyes glazed over in front of the…