Message to a President

Who Am I? Mandate From President Trump

President Trump listens! Who Knew? Julie Keefe knew how to get…
Henry VI Part II by William Shakespeare

Shakespeare: Let's Kill All the Lawyers

"Let's kill all the lawyers" is a line from William Shakespeare's Henry…
Student loan debt

President Trump: Restore Bankruptcy for Student Loans

President Trump: Restore Bankruptcy for Student Loans President…
Marylhurst University Enrollment Decline

The End of Academia: Marylhurst University

Academia Marylhurst University in Zombieland, having lost its…
FunQi SB005 Zombie Alert Button

Zombie Alert: Accountants (BTW I R One)

What is a Zombie Alert? I have been avoiding answering Felecia…

The Cats of Mirikitani and The Cat Who Chose To Dream

 The Cat Who Chose To Dream and The Cats of Mirikitani The…

Oregon Investment Council - March 14, 2018

Oregon Investment Council - Wednesday March 14, 2018 Another…

PUGS: A New Model For Higher Education

PUGS (Portland Underground Graduate School): A New Model For…

Finnish Education Empowers Teachers & Students

Finnish Education Empowers Teachers and Students Where did…