Message to a President

Who Am I? Mandate From President Trump

President Trump listens! Who Knew? Julie Keefe knew how to get…
Rand Hoch, Mayor Jeri Muoio, Jamie Todd Foreman Plakas

GOOD Lobbyists Work For Free

GOOD lobbyists work for free! How can that be! The Palm…

Trump Will Be A Great President!

Reasons To Believe that Trump Will Be A Great President! President…
FunQi SB005 Zombie Alert Button

Zombie Alert: Accountants (BTW I R One)

What is a Zombie Alert? I have been avoiding answering Felecia…

OregonSaves Was Created by Lobbyists

OregonSaves Created by Lobbyists Lobbyists spin stories and…

OregonSaves is an Administrative Nightmare

OregonSaves is an Administrative Nightmare Ted Wheeler stuck…

Oregon Investment Council - March 14, 2018

Oregon Investment Council - Wednesday March 14, 2018 Another…

The Forced Out Series - Part 2: Oregon Secrets vs Florida Sunshine Law

Good local independent newspapers are important to keeping tabs…
I did the math

Puppy Dog IQ Test: I Did The Math, We Can't Afford the Cat

The Puppy Dog IQ Test The puppy is placed in a rectangular…