Message to a President

Who Am I? Mandate From President Trump

President Trump listens! Who Knew? Julie Keefe knew how to get…
FunQi SB005 Zombie Alert Button

Zombie Alert: Accountants (BTW I R One)

What is a Zombie Alert? I have been avoiding answering Felecia…

Oregon Investment Council - March 14, 2018

Oregon Investment Council - Wednesday March 14, 2018 Another…
Funding solar for low income families

Funding Solar for Low Income Housing

Over the last few months, I've been working in a capacity of…

Making the Case for Solar on your Home

  Why I Opted for Solar on my Roof I've known for…

Are Retirement Plans at Work Obsolete?

History of Retirement Plans at Work In 1963, I learned how to…

My Opinion is My Own

My opinion is my own is a freeing and powerful statement. I…

Best Retirement Investment: A Mortgage on Your Kid's Home

A mortgage on your kid's home is the best retirement investment…

The Big Short Scared The Hell Out Of Me

  I was feeling very smug about my investments. I…

The Big Short: Rooted Investing Logo

I needed a logo for Rooted Investing LLC, an Oregon Benefits…