Message to a President

Who Am I? Mandate From President Trump

President Trump listens! Who Knew?

Julie Keefe knew how to get President Trump to listen! Keefe has spent a lifetime getting people to listen to their communities, to each other and to themselves.

julie Keefe

Nicole Sandoval aka Nikki Brown Clown with the microphone and Julie Keefe’s NXNE as background

Message To A President

I got to see Julie Keefe in action on opening night of NXNE: The Skanner Photography of Julie Keefe, 1991–2008 at the Emerson Street House. An eclectic group, all ages, cultures, ethnicities, sexual orientations, whatever, talking, listening, viewing and watching.

Julie set up her photo booth in the master bedroom, and folks lined up to have their photos taken for Message To A President. With photos in hand, folks sat quietly and wrote to President Trump.

When my turn came, I wrote what I observed in folks around me – NO FEAR, PEACE & LOVE. What I most often see in Oregon, is FEAR, paralyzing FEAR that keeps good people with good intentions frozen and unable to act. What I imagine President Trump sees in Oregon, RAGE and HATE, while he craves PEACE and LOVE.

No Fear!! Peace & Love

Letter To President Trump

Julie inspired me to begin sharing my thoughts with President Trump in a series of letters. This is one of my letters.


Mandate From President Trump

An answer to my letter came in a letter. 
Mandate From President Trump

The most important line – In 2015, Congress passed bipartisan legislation to transfer more authority over education to the states.

As a former resident of New York City and Palm Beach County, Florida, two of Trump’s main residences, I understand Trump-style communication. Translating to Trump – “..quit whining and get to work Oregon. You already have the tools you need to solve your own problems. Stop bothering me!”

I was curious how President Trump knew that I would accept his mandate and work to implement the change that he envisions. Twitter – I realized. President Trump spends hours on Twitter.

My blog posts automatically post to Twitter AND Facebook, and LinkedIn. President Trump uses Twitter to listen to ordinary citizens and contemplate strategy. Perhaps President Trump read Nilofer Merchant’s book – 11 Rules for Creating Value In #SocialEra. Nilofer and I met on Twitter.

Thank you for listening.

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  1. David Cooke
    David Cooke says:

    One more suggestion…
    Just as we require certain core classes vital to college success, an additional required course in financial skills should be instituted. Especially, for students taking on debt for their degree.


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