Oregon Investment Council – March 14, 2018

Oregon Investment Council – Wednesday March 14, 2018

Another boring meeting of the Oregon Investment Council. The PUBLIC BOOK  (255 pages) was available online on Tuesday afternoon.  Why is there a PRIVATE BOOK if the law in Oregon is TRANSPARENCY? But I digress.

Minutes of the January 18, 2018 Oregon Investment Council Meeting

I made public comment at the January 18, 2018 meeting. Was my public comment accurately reflected? NO IT WAS NOT.

11:41 am Public Comments (per the Draft Minutes)

“Diane Freaney of Rooted Investing shared some thoughts and suggestions on investment matters relating to student loans and home mortgages.” 

The document I shared would create instant and permanent change in the real estate and mortgage market in Oregon.

Invest $16 Billion PERS Funds in Oregon Mortgages

Invest $16 Billion Oregon Mortgages

Invest $16 Billion Oregon Mortgages

Call To Action – Oregon Mortgages

The second page is a CALL TO ACTION for Oregon residents, Oregon taxpayers, Oregon parents and Oregon children/students.



National School Walkout

At 10:00 AM I turned to FaceBook to start tracking the anticipated National School Walkout.

The OIC presenters with their backs to the audience droned on “playing games with numbers.” I felt sorry for them. What an awful job!

The OIC Board members Rukaiyah Adams, John Russell, Rex Kim, and Rick Miller, all volunteers, had taken the time to plow through the PRIVATE BOOK which was much thicker than the PUBLIC BOOK. They paid attention, asked questions and did their job. My mind was elsewhere.

Children all over the United States are finding their VOICES. Our children want their VOICES heard.

Roosevelt High School Portland, Oregon - Our Voices Matter

Roosevelt High School Portland, Oregon – Our Voices Matter

What Happens Next…

This happens – Emma Goldstein’s iconic speech on CNN.

“[Stoneman Douglas students]… are just teens with really good Teachers at a school with resources. They are a testament to what public schools can produce if students have support at home and in well-funded schools.”

Oregon elected officials seem perfectly happy to saddle these Oregon children with $6,000 in debt each ($25.3 Billion ORPERF Deficit) AND to raid school budgets to maintain outrageous high pensions for OHSU Doctors and Sports Coaches.

Oregon lobbyists and lawyers need to pack their bags and leave town. Oregon children are finding their VOICES and want to make their own rules.

Call to Action – Suggested Agenda for the Next OIC Meeting

  1. Present a plan to eliminate the $25.3 Billion Deficit
  2. Stop all new investments until the $25.3 Billion Deficit is eliminated


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